Belvedere GuestHouse is situated in the proximity of Retezat National Park , Hateg City, Hunedoara County on the european road named E79.

It is a wonderfull place to enjoy your stay, hospitable and happy, beautifully designed, rated 2 ‘stars’. Professional services in compliance with EU standards made Belvedere GuestHouse on of the top places to stay while visiting the Hunedoara County’s touristic sights.

The large space allows us to organize events, meetings, new year’s eve parties and even school camps . It can accommodate a total of up to 55 people (hikers, pilgrims).

Belvedere GuestHouse Offer :

  • Accommodation for up to 55 people
  • Conference room – 60 seats
  • Traditional Restaurant – 60 seats
  • Organized Trips
  • Weddings, Events saloon
  • Recreational activities

Professional services for different events:

  • Business Tourism
  • Group/Individual Tourism
  • Family Events
  • Special Dinners
  • Seminars
  • Team building

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